Fashion Designers who inspired me for my final graduate collection.

Last September I began my sketchbook for final major project, I already had my theme and styles in mind which would best reflect me as a designer and manufacture, however I did look at some designer’s work that I admired for inspiration, that also linked in with my chosen theme. After a long summer of boring but hard work in a cafe to save money for uni, these images really helped me get back into my fashion work and bring out my creative passion again.


I love Marchesa’s use of incredible pattern cutting and drapery skills with textile techniques, this is the kind of mixture I like to try and achieve throughout my work as I enjoy both and feel it gives a more interesting finished garment. The colour palette and fabrics they use in their collections are very similar to what I tend to use in my work; I prefer a more natural, tonal colour palette with the clever use of a contrasting dark or brighter colour.

Elie Saab.

For me, Elie Saab is such an excellent and inspiring designer, his garments are so perfectly elegant and beautiful with a unique creativity about them I have fallen in love with every design, it was very hard to choose which to share. These are the sorts of pieces I aim to produce when I have my own label; beautifully finished, feminine evening wear that would be suitable for the red carpet, but with something a bit different about them, whether that be through pattern cutting or textiles techniques. The fabrics, colour palette and silhouettes are stunning so womanly with a slight vintage feel, I also love his use of lace and embellishments through his collections.


With this collection I love Lanvins use of fabrics, the way it drapes through panels on the body and then floats so beautifully from the waist, also the levels of density or sheerness he creates by using the same fabric but in different ways. I am always inspired by and use contrasts in my work and I feel he has shown effective contrasts in this collection; his mixture of drapery and sheer, floaty fabrics and silhouettes with the more tough, heavyweight metal and leather accesories adds more of a masculine, almost militarian feel to his otherwise quite typically feminine garments.