Brian Froud

 It was clear to me from the start of my final major project that I wanted a whimsical theme, my style is always quite feminine with a slight eerie feel and im always inspried by thing in nature. I have always loved the film Labyrinth and the look of the creatures, sets and ambience, so I decided to look into Brian Frouds artwork, specifically his faeries and I looked at a few of his books and my favourite was the Good Faeries and Bad Faeries book.





 I love the contrast in his work of the innocent, beautiful faeries with the evil, uglier creatures. I was also really inspired by the contrast of the light, glowing almost angelic looking faeries again the dark, gothic background of the forest and it’s mythical creatures. All this has inspired the concept and theme for my final collection, which I have titled ‘The Light Within Darkness’, hopefully you will see in-direct evidence of this throughout my project as I upload more of my work on here.


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